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Parts of a Lawnmower

Lawnmowers are usually composed of several parts, each with a particular job in making the entire machine work. This makes mowers simple and complex at the same time.

Simple because being familiar with each of them makes replacing each part easy as long as one knows what needs to be changed.

They are also complex because it takes a competent mechanic to know where a particular part goes and to service the machine.

Don’t worry though, because if you’re just an ordinary lawnmower owner, we’ve listed for you some of the basic parts of a lawnmower.

1. Blade

- this is where metal meets the grass. The blade is responsible for cutting the grass and doing it neatly and evenly. Depending on the mower, it can be made of materials such as steel, aluminum and plastics.

2. Engine

- if you own a motorized lawnmower, this is what keeps your blades turning. Engines used in lawnmowers are typically the single stroke types which pack enough punch for the job.

3. Handle

- this is the part of the mower where you have the most control, for the human-powered ones at least. When buying this part, make sure to get that which is made of sturdy parts like stainless steel or any lighter alloy and fitted with rubber to prevent your hands from slipping.

4. Wheels

- help in moving the lawnmower, especially for large ones. They can be made of different materials depending on the type and size of lawnmowers.

For example, small, push-type lawnmowers are usually equipped only with plastic wheels while larger ones like the ride-on types have steel wheels.

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Mower Maintenance For A Perfect Lawn

Growing and maintaining a lush green lawn takes care and the right equipment. The right lawn mover for your landscape and proper maintenance of your equipment will ensure a nice even lawn. A good lawn mower should cut the grass and not tear or rip it out.

The first thing to consider when purchasing a lawn mover is your landscape. Is your lawn on a slope or flat ground? What type of mower can get the job done with the least amount of effort? Another factor is how easy the mower is to maintain for peak performance.

If you have to cut grass on a slope, the best type of lawn mower is one with high wheels. This will make it easier to push up a hill, or to move back down the hill with. The second type of lawn mower is a cordless or electric mulching lawn mower. The mulching mower is less messy and mulches your lawn. The third type of lawn mower is a reel lawn mower. Reel lawnmowers are environmental friendly, not contributing to pollution and are easy to use.

After deciding on the type of lawn mower to purchase, review the maintenance schedule. A good maintenance program will allow your mower to last for years to come and give your grass a better cut. Every spring, the different parts of the lawnmower should be cleaned or repaired. Spark plugs should be cleaned or replaced for good firing and nuts and bolts should be checked and tightened where necessary.

The underside decking should be cleaned throughout the season to remove build up of grass and dirt. Cleaning the grass and dirt will also help in preventing the spread of diseases in grass. In order to clean the deck of the lawnmower, you should first empty the gas tank and make sure that the spark plug is not connected. You can then stand the mower up on its side and spray the mower with water. You can then scrub off the rest of the dirt and grass that is stuck on the mower. Make sure to dry the mower after you have finished rinsing it off, to make sure that none of the parts rust.

Your maintenance should also include checking the oil and air filters. The air filters should be cleaned or replaced on a regular basis. Before removing the filter to replace, make sure that you know whether it is paper or foam. The oil in your lawn mower lubricates the engine. Be sure you read the operating instructions on the type and amount of oil your mower uses.

Another important part of maintenance is sharpening the blades every one or two months, depending on use. Sharp blades ensure a clean cut rather than ripping out the grass. This can be easily done by removing the blade from the mower and sharpening it with a file.

When mowing season is over, there are certain steps to properly store your lawn mower for the winter. It is advisable to remove the oil and gas, and clean the exterior.

With consistent and proper care of your lawnmower, you will be able to keep your lawn looking great through the seasons and years, and your mower will last for years too.

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Maintaining Your Lawnmower

Lawnmowers are machines that are meant to last. Even the cheapest brands can last up to 10 years while more expensive ones can last twice as much.

However, owners need to maintain them well in order to keep the mowers running smoothly for a long time. Below are some tips on how you can take care of and maintain your mower.

1. Keep your blades sharp

– sharp blades in lawnmowers are a gardener’s delight. Not only do they cut the grass cleanly, they also keep the grass healthy because of the clean cut. Blades typically become dull after a month or two of regular use. They should therefore be taken out of the mower (making sure that it is turned off before doing anything) and filed to make them sharp again.

2. Replace or clean your air filter

– motorized mowers are usually equipped with air filters. In time, they get clogged and so they should be replaced or cleaned depending on the material they are made of. In general, paper filters are meant to be thrown away while those made of foam should simply be cleaned.

3. Keep the tires well-inflated

– well-inflated tires keep mowers running evenly, especially in the case of the ride-on variety. The tire pressure should therefore be checked everytime before operating the mower.

4. Use the right kind of oil

– oil is needed by motorized mowers to keep the engine lubricated. The right kind of motor oil should always be bought to avoid destroying the engine.


Lawn Mower Safety

The lawn power is considered to be one of the most dangerous tools at home. Each year, more than 10,000 people are brought to the hospital due to lawn mower related accidents. The sad part is that many of the victims are below 18 years of age.

The range of injuries often treated includes deep cuts, minor burns, loss of fingers or toes, broken bones and a lot more. Believe it or not, even people who are not using the lawn mower directly also get hurt. To prevent this from happening, you should be well aware of the proper use of the lawn mower.

When you are using the lawn mower for the first time, be sure you read all the safety information located in the operator’s manual.

Companies are well aware of the dangers of using a lawn mower and have already installed certain safety devices. Never tamper with it and be sure to check that these are working properly.

Before you work on your lawn, walk around to see if there are any stones, toys and other objects which might enter the machine and fly out causing serious injury.

Since children are sometimes the victim of lawn mower accidents, keep them away from it. If you are working on the lawn and your children are nearby, have them supervised by another adult because if the lawn mower you have does not have a bag to collect the debris, this may fly out and cause an injury.

Children should never be allowed to ride the lawn mower because this is not a toy. There have been incidents where children who were riding accidentally fell of the lawn mower and have been badly injured.

One way to prevent that from happening is to put a collection bag near your lawn mower. You can also put a plate that covers the opening where the cut grass is released.

If you have finished working in one area and have to move to another one, make sure that the mower blade has stopped moving before leaving the current location.

Proper attire must be worn when working with a lawn mower. So you don’t accidentally slip when and have your toes cut by the blade, be sure you are wearing shoes and not sandals. Since the motor of a lawn mower is very noisy, you better wear some protection for your ears.

When you are cleaning the lawn mower, be sure you are wearing protective goggles and gloves so grease does not get on your hands or eyes.

If you have a gasoline powered lawn mower, be sure to put fuel outdoors and not inside the garage or tools shed. It will also be a good idea to do it only when the motor is cool because gas is flammable.

For those who have not yet bought a lawn mower, it is best to get one that will stop moving once you let go off the handle. This is also known as a dead man’s switch which is very useful safety feature.

The lawn mower is a machine that should only be used by an adult. Although some parents let their children mow the lawn as a chore, these people have to be aware of the safety precautions so they or others will not sustain any injuries as well.

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Lawnmower Racing

Tired of the usual and boring task of mowing loans? We’ll there’s an exciting alternative to that and it’s called lawnmower racing.

Lawnmower racing is basically just racing around a track using ride-on mowers. These mowers are the same as stock mowers expect for the blades which are removed when racing for safety purposes.

This type of racing has been around for quite some time already. It was invented in West Sussex, England, UK in 1973 by a number of young men who complained of the high costs involved in getting into motorsports.

So they formed the British Lawnmower Racing Association as an answer to their problem. The association designed their rules to be as cheap as possible, which is true to their aim of having a cost-effective form of motorsport.

Then there’s the North West Lawn Mower Racing Association which was created soon after its proponent was formed.

This sports’ popularity has since spread across the globe beginning with the United States to which the petrol-stabilizer maker Sta-bil brought in 1992.

It has become widely-accepted in the country and organizations such as the US Lawnmower Racing Association were formed there.

Aside from removing the blades, there are also some modifications made to the lawnmower to improve its performance. An example of which is changing the pulleys of the lawnmower to make it go faster.

Also, mechanical transmission is preferred by lawnmower racing enthusiasts over hydrostatic ones because the former improves the mowers speed much better than the latter.

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Lawnmower Buying Guide

If you’re looking out to buy a lawnmower to take care of your lawn or would simply want to buy one to replace your old workhorse, there are several things that you have to consider.

We have listed them down below for your quick reference.

1. Consider the size of your lawn

– this is one thing you have to keep in mind when buying a mower. The size of your lawn will pretty much decide what kind of mower you’ll get for yourself.

And while there are honest salesmen out there, knowing what your specific needs are keep you from getting scammed by unscrupulous ones.

2. Human power, electricity or fuel?

– it is also important to be familiar with the different types of lawnmowers according to their power needs. Human-powered ones are earth-friendly (they produce no
emissions) but they are more labor-intensive.

Meanwhile, electric-powered ones also don’t produce any harmful emissions but may be more expensive. Finally, fuel-powered mowers are more common although they produce emissions that would otherwise be harmful to humans and the environment.

3. Money matters

– whether you like it or not, your budget will always be a deciding factor when buying a lawnmower, or anything for that matter. So keep in mind how much you will be willing to spend before even hitting the store.

This prevents you from overspending because of impulse buying. But then again, no matter how much money you have, you are always sure to get the value out of your lawnmower. With a typical lifespan of over a decade, a mower is always a good investment.

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Lawn Mower Maintenance

You have a state of the art lawn mower, but suddenly after just a few months of using it suddenly breaks down. Once you purchase your own mower, then you should take some steps on how to care for it. There are some steps that you can do to make sure that your mower is running in optimal condition.

Every month when checking your mower, make sure to check that the blades of the mower are sharpened. With dull blades, the mower uses 20 percent more fuel since you would have to spend more time going over the grass to give the whole lawn a total even cut. How does the blades get dull? There are rocks in you lawn, and these rocks are not free from the blade. They will take away the sharpness of the blades.

Getting excess vibrations whenever you are mowing indicates a damage in the blade. To avoid vibrations, check the blade and the engine mounting bolts. Check the mower wheels, bearings and axles for wear and lubrication. Replace loose, wobbly wheels. Check belts and gears for wear and fit.

After mowing everyday or after the last mowing of the year you can do the following maintenance tips:

  • Use a hose to spray the clippings and grass that may be clinging to the underside of the deck of your mower. Before spraying your mower with water and taking out the clippings, make sure that the cable is properly disconnected from the plug.
  • Drain the remaining fuel from your mower. Make sure to disconnect the spar plug first before you drain. If your mower would be in storage for a long period of time, then it is likely that the gas would get bad. Removing the gas will prevent it from going bad inside the carbueraetor and engine.
  • After removing the gas, you can put the spark plug in again and run the engine to burn the remaining fuel and runs out gas.
  • When using a lawn mower which has been in storage for a long time, be sure to change the oil in the mower first. You can also have the spark plug replaced, most spark plugs can fowl up and should be replaced once a year.
  • Replace the air filter. Not replacing the air filter is like not letting your engines breathe. Experts suggest that you replace the filter, once a year.
  • If the mower is not working and you have already tried t change the parts that you need to change, then it would be better to bring the mower to the service center where it could be checked about the problem.

The best tip in making sure that you lawn mower is working properly and will last for a long time is preventing lawn mower problems from happening at the beginning. But how can you do that?

  • Follow a suggested annual maintenance cycle for yard enthusiasts and gardeners. This cycle would include draining oil out of your mowers each fall to prepare for the spring. The spring time will be a busy season.
  • Get a mower service person to check on your lawn mower at least once a year to check if there is something wrong or just do some checking on your lawn engine.
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Lawn Mower and Other Gardening Equipment

Keeping your garden and lawn in tip-top shape is just about getting the best lawnmower and cutting the grass mercilessly. There are garden equipment and tools which are very useful and necessary. These garden tools will arm you with your battle against weed and unruly leaves.

To cultivate your soil you would need garden hand tools. A garden shovel will be a good tool to dig holes and move the soil. Meanwhile the spade has a flat blade and is great for making trenches, transplanting trees, cutting roots and edging beds.

For turning over soil four times compared with shovel and spade, you can use garden and spading forks. A garden fork has thick rectangular or square tines and is used for turning over soil. A hoe, meanwhile, is used to remove weeds and make furrows.

A pick and a pick axe are also hand tools necessary for your gardening. When breaking the earth especially during the times when it is very hard, the pick would be necessary. The pick’s square point shovel gives less cutting power, but its function is more of scooping and removing materials. The “D” round handle is recommended for ordinary garden digging and not for heavy digging.

The pick axe will be for breaking things. Both ends of the pick axe have extremely sharp points on each end. This would be best whenever you want to break cement, dig through clay or remove or chip rocks which you would to take off.

A good garden tool is also needed. This would make sure that your garden is free of debris and unwanted materials. This would also make sure that your garden is clean from garbage like leaves and branches. When choosing a broom , make sure that the broom that you get will take care of the corners and hidden places in your garden.

A trimmer is also a powerful tool that will lighten medium duty users. This would make sure that hedges, beds, ornamental grasses and lawns. They are durable and have different styles. Hedge trimmers usually can be to-arm hedge clippers. There are even electric hedge trimmers.

Chain saws may be big, but they can be very important when keeping your lawn in shape. Chain saws are mainly used in removing branches and sometimes the whole trees. It is very important, though, to be completely careful in handling it to avoid doing damage to the trees and causing damage on the person who is handling it himself.

What lawn or garden does not have a rake? You would need a sturdy rake to clear the garden of debris. This can also be sued to spread clippings in the seedbeds that would serve as the fertilizer for the plants. When choosing a garden rake, take note of the weight, since you don’t want to easily get tired just by holding it. Also, consider the length to avoid back strain.

An electric blower is also a good tool for displacing unwanted debris. There are different kinds of blowers, you have the power sweep blower which generates air force up to 140 mph. This kind of blower has an exclusive extension cord firmly in place. A featherlight gas blower will cut down the time spent outside cleaning up the lawn. It lives up to its name since it only weigh 7.5 pounds.

Whether it is a lawn mower, a shredder or a shovel, you do not have to buy it quickly once you saw it. You need to buy it as long as it fits your needs.

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Keeping your Lawn Mowers in Tip Top Shape

It’s important to ensure the safe and worry-free operation of your lawn mowing equipment, be it a manual device or a powered one.

Not only will you be able to save money, but surely you will be able to make the most out of the extended service life of your equipment.

Let’s face it, the more you keep your lawn mowers in good shape with regular maintenance and proper care, you tend to be the one that will benefit most – cost wise and service wise.

Here are some basic lawn mower care tips that surely will make you smile a bit more.

Tip number 1 -Fill your lawn mower with fresh gas.This is critical to the performance of your powered lawn mowers, especially gas with octane rating of 87 or higher.

It is also a key factor to fill your gas tank with fuel using a clean funnel or siphon device from either a one- or two- gallon gas can.

Plastic gas cans are preferably better than tin or iron cans because they do not corrode.

If you own a 20-liter gas tank, you may need to dispose of it the fuel properly since the problem with these large volume cans is it stores up gas inside the container for long periods of time.

Gas that is older than 30 days may affect engine performance due to moisture buildup and the diminishing octane can lead to gum deposits that may result to clogging up the engine’s fuel lines and carburetor.

Tip number two - The powered lawn mower’s lubrication system is also a very important component of the equipment’s engine. For gas-fuelled mowers, drain engine oil and replace it with new SAE 30 engine oil after at least 50 hours of mowing operation.

You may check the lubrication section of your owner’s manual for specific oil recommendations and specifications.

Tip number three - Spark plugs play a key role in the operation of your mower’s engine and it best advised to replace spark plugs after every mowing operation of no less than 100 hours.

The specific type of spark plugs to be used can be found in the product specifications section of the owner’s manual.

Tip number four - Air Filters provide your mower engine with clean air that aids in the internal combustion process of your gas-fuelled mower engine. If your mower’s air filter is dirty, the engine may not run properly and could lead to damage of the engine’s internal parts.

You can change air filters by removing the air filter cartridge and gently tapping the filter element on a flat surface.

If the filter is very dirty and tapping does not clear out the deposits, it would be best to replace the filter with a new one.

Tip number five – One vital component of the mower is the blade. Always make it a point to check and make sure that lawn mower blades are always at its sharpest.

Sharpen the blades with a grinder or a file and make sure never attempt to sharpen the blade while it is still installed in the mower.

Special attention should be taken to keep the blade balanced, since it can leave an uneven cut on the lawn and may even cause damage to the lawn mower or the engine.

To check for the blade’s balance, drive a nail into a wall leaving enough of the nail’s head exposed and enough to place a blade to hang on it.

Place the center of the blade over the head of the nail and if the blade is balanced, it should remain in an even horizontal position and if either one end of the blade moves downward, you can sharpen the heavier portion until the blade is balanced.

So always keep your lawn mowers in tip-top shape, in the end, you get to benefit from it the most.

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Lawn Mower Accidents and Safety Measures

Lawn mower accidents have accompanied this garden invention ever since. In 1990 in America alone, there were 87,000 people who got injured because of lawn mower accidents. Safety measures should always be followed when operating a lawn mower.

The most common lawn mower accidents are:

  • Caused by being in contact with a rotating lawn mower blade
  • Caused by electrocution, specially when using electric powered lawn mowers.
  • Running over people, sometimes even children, by a riding lawn mower specially when it is during its reverse.
  • Skin burns when in contact with the engine casing
  • Caused by a flying object that went into the lawn mower like stones and debris being fired out from the lawn.
  • Caused by being toppled over and having the mower fall over the operators, when you are attempting to mow a steep bank or turn a tight corner.
  • To avoid falling victim of this mower accidents, there are some guides on what you can do to mow safely.
  • When buying a new mower, you can choose a model that automatically stops the model when the control or the “Go” button is let go. With this feature, the blades only rotate when the operator pushes to ‘Go” button.
  • Read the manual. Never assume that you already know how to operate it, since you’ve seen your friends use it. The manual will be your ultimate guide on how to operate the mower properly.
  • Before operating the mower, make sure to remove small stone that might get into the blades. These small debris might get into the operator’s eyes or the eye’s of the other people around the yard. Or if unable to do so, you can always put on protective goggles to protect your eyes.
  • Make sure to wear stout shoes, this would protect your feet from injuries as well. Steel toe-capped shoes are recommended since they will be able to protect your feet from the mower blades.
  • Before putting your mower into use, check the safety guards and shields. They should be properly and securely in place. This would protect the blades in becoming in contact with other materials aside from grass.
  • When using a riding lawn mower, make sure that the person operating it is properly in place. Age and height of course should be of course considered. Allowing a small child to operate it should never be allowed. Never leave the person who is operating the lawn mower unattended. Make sure that the children and pets are kept away properly from the mower specially when its backing away.
  • Never allow children to sit on the lap of the operator as a passenger. They may affect the judgment of the operator.
  • When refueling petrol mowers, make sure that the engine is turned off and cool. Make sure to refuel it outside so that the fumes will not be contained and heated in a closed area.
  • Do not mow a wet lawn.
  • If mowing a wet slope, do it slowly. Never go up and down.
  • Never pull a running mower backward.
  • When injured, treat the injury right away.

Lawn mower accidents can leave a very dark imprint on the operator and the family and friends of the victim. Its effects may even be psychological. Following the necessary guidelines, which are mentioned, could help you avoid injuries, accidents and being scarred for life.